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Videos from Stanford 2013 Women’s Health Forum available online

At the Stanford Women’s Health Forum held in May, experts from throughout the School of Medicine presented on a range of topics affecting young, middle-age and senior women. A number of the talks, including the keynote delivered by Susan Love, MD, were posted today on the Stanford Center for Health Research on Women & Sex Differences in Medicine Facebook page.

In the above video, Stanford nutrition researcher Christopher Gardner, PhD, and endocrinologist Sun Kim, MD, discuss diet, weight control and why it's so hard to shed those extra pounds. As Kim explains during her presentation, modern society has created the "perfect storm" for obesity.  She discusses how to overcome environment and genetics to manage your weight.

Following Kim's talk, Gardner offers an overview of recent research comparing high-protein, low-carbohydrate and low-fat diets.  He also talks about how individuals' insulin sensitivity or insulin resistance may affect their weight loss success on the various diets. "The disservice that we've been doing to people is looking for the magic diet, and there isn't one. There are lots of ways to do this," he tells forum attendees.

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