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State stem cell agency installs Dean Lloyd Minor, honors Philip Pizzo

Pizzo_CIRMThe California Institute for Regenerative Medicine yesterday installed Lloyd Minor, MD, dean of Stanford's School of Medicine, as a member of its governing board. The agency also honored former Stanford medical school dean Philip Pizzo, MD, for his years of service on the same board. Pizzo joined the board in 2004 as its first member and served until 2012.  

According to a press release from the agency:

Jonathan Thomas, PhD, JD, Chairman of the ICOC, praised Dr. Pizzo, saying: “Phil has left an indelible mark on CIRM and has been an invaluable force for advancing stem cell science in California. We shall miss him but wish him well in his future endeavors.”

After listening to several Board members praise his wisdom, intellect and leadership, Dr. Pizzo responded with characteristic humility and humor saying: "I am deeply humbled to be here and feel I’m almost at the point of listening to an obituary. But this has been very meaningful  and the honor has been mine to serve with you. I thank you for everything and know that this will continue to bring to the citizens of California the true benefits of the research and the science we have funded."

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Photo by Christopher Vaughan

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