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Weekend viewing: A roundup of TED talks on health, fitness and happiness

In case you haven't seen it, the Greatist has a nice roundup of top TED Talks on fitness, health and happiness. If, like me, you look for practical tips on how to apply medical research and technology tools to create a healthier life, you might be interested to browse this selection over the weekend.

Among the videos highlighted is a 2011 talk by Daniel Kraft, MD, titled "Medicine's future? There's an app for that." Kraft, an inventor and Stanford School of Medicine-trained physician, is an NIH-funded faculty member affiliated with the Stanford. In this TED talk he discusses apps to track quantified-self metrics and tools to improve personalized medicine. He also surveys ways medical professionals are--or soon will be--using technologies such as robotic surgery, nanomedicine, virtual patient visits, and crowdsourcing data on an exponential scale to address major challenges in health care today.

From the video:

By leveraging these technologies together, I think we'll enter a new era that I like to call Stage Zero Medicine. And as a cancer doctor, I'm looking forward to being out of a job.

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