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Videos from Medicine X now available

One of the challenges presented by Stanford Medicine X, said an attendee sitting next to me last weekend, was having to select only one session to attend when multiple choices were offered at a time. Fortunately, Medicine X is a technology conference, and the organizers filmed and uploaded footage of many sessions as well as supplementary material on their YouTube channel. You can watch Jack Andraka's opening keynote and Vinod Khosla's closing address, The Buzz interviews by Hayley Goldbach with participants, and panel discussions such as #Whatifhc.

In the video above, Roni Zeiger, MD, Google's former chief health strategist, explains how he developed Smart Patients to connect people to information and each other. "The most important thing about the design of this product, this platform, is that it's meant to enable people to learn not just from those that are within their defined community, their label, but across silos," Zeiger said. Much like Medicine X.

More news about Stanford Medicine X is available in the Medicine X category.

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