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With a nod to Lady Gaga, grad students sing praises of open-access publication

Inspired by a previous wig-wearing, in-lab parody of a Lady Gaga song, graduate students at the University of California, Berkeley have produced and starred in "in PLOS," after the artist's "Applause" song.

The science version of the music video begins with a disgruntled PhD candidate who's trying to build her resume but faces rejection from numerous journals before turning to the open-access publication PLOS ONE. She sings of her paper, "I'll submit this to PLOS, to PLOS, to PLOS / It's Science, Nature, Cell's loss / Publish me in PLOS, PLOS."

As described on the PLOS blog, itself, "the idea for the PLOS video came when we were watching Lady Gaga as a lab," Mary Anne Kidwell, the lead singer, says. "We booked a conference room for a late night viewing of her recent show and her music inspired us." 

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