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Celebrating Carl Djerassi's 90th birthday with his latest play, "Insufficiency"

DjerassiThe play's the thing wherin Carl Djerassi, PhD, will celebrate his 90th birthday. The latest work of the Stanford professor emeritus of chemistry (widely known as the father of the birth control pill), called "Insufficiency," will be read on Saturday, February 8 at 8 p.m. at Cubberly Auditorium on campus.

The public is invited – and Djerassi especially encourages medical school affiliates  – to attend.

The play follows a Polish-immigrant professor seeking a tenured position at a university through corporate sponsorship, a double murder and a court hearing. Producer David Goldman, who heads the National Center For New Plays at Stanford, describes "Insufficiency," as "light and funny while also managing to be instructive and entertaining."

The event is free. Djerassi will be present for the reading and a post-performance Q&A.

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