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Stanford statistician Chiara Sabatti on teaching students to "ride the big data wave"

The 2014 Big Data in Biomedicine conference was held here last month, and keynote speakers, panelists, moderators and attendees are now available on the Stanford Medicine YouTube channel. To continue the discussion of how big data can be harnessed to benefit human health, we'll be featuring a selection of the videos this month on Scope.

During the Big Data in Biomedicine conference, Chiara Sabatti, PhD, an associate professor of health research and policy at Stanford, moderated a panel on statistics and machine learning. In the above video, Sabatti highlights a Stanford undergrad course titled "Riding the Big Data Wave" (she calls it a gentle introduction to statistics) and discusses how students in the class are exploring data sets available on the Internet and what can be learned from them. She also references her work building statistical methods that enable researchers to understand the content in these data sets, and her research examining how the genome influences human phenotypes, or observational characteristics such as height, weight and cholesterol levels.

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